Lost Colonies

Dozens of colonies fled known space two centuries ago. Now an unknown number of worlds have been colonized, new civilizations have been formed, and humanity and its descendants have spread out across the galaxy.

Known Cultures

Known Star Systems

  • Arcturus: uninhabited red giant system.
  • Ariadne: radical feminist colony
  • Glare: one of the worlds of the Ascension
  • Hermes: an impoverished mining system orbiting a red dwarf, now suffering from bioroid revolts and social disorder.
  • Hub System
  • Midnight: home of the Mythweavers
  • New Beijing: colonized by Henry Wu
  • Persimmon (unvisited): home of an isolationist elite about a an orange star, rumored to clamping down bioroid activity and shifting to an entirely AI workforce.
  • New Earth: a garden world and home of the Samsung Corporation.
  • Steading: a small refueling and trade station orbiting a tiny red star; run by extended family of former space gypsies.

Lost Colonies

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