FSV Google

The wreck of the Federation Space Vessel Google, an exploratory craft sent to the Kappa Sector 37 years ago, has circled this star for over 36 years.

Resembling a tall tower, this 90 meter vessel has decayed with time. With the core fusion reactor failing, most of the interior structure has become uncomfortably hot and humid. Gravitational systems remain disabled as are all transportation systems. The elevators don’t even work.

The Codes

Lockdown Code Gamma designates that mission files remain under executive seal. Only a ranking member of the Federation can unlock them and only in person.

Medical Emergency Code 631 indicates a biological contagion of unknown origin.


  • Altered Systems
  • Fragmented Computer System
  • No Gravity
  • Burning Sweatbox

Known History

The Google left Federation space 37 years ago via the Kappa branch point on a survey mission. Communication was lost soon after. Later research within the Federation determined that the branch point was closed off due to a collision between two worlds in the Kappa system. This altered the orbital structure of the system and cut off any connection between it and the Federation. The Google was stranded.

After being stranded, the crew of the Google continued their mission hoping to find another way back home. Along the way they encountered a world with remnants of an alien civilization. They activated a defense mechanism while on the planet and before they could escape 5 of their 12 man crew were dead including the ship’s captain, James Scott.

Acting Captain/Chief Corporate Officer Amelia Hasbro attempted to direct the Google to safety but the contagion brought on board the vessel proceeded to kill the crew one by one. The death was not pleasant. A form of nanomachine, the disease liquefied the crew one by one. Amelia triggered the warnings and lockdown before succumbing.

Unknown to her, the Medical Officer, Benjamin Roux, survived. Using an experimental treatment on himself, he mutated the virus. This altered his genetic structure so that the original disease couldn’t kill him. But instead it drove him insane and deformed his body. In the decades since he has reorganized the Google’s systems and attempted to restart the ship. The ship’s AI has tried to stop him but was precluded from killing him.

FSV Google

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