• Unstable Climate
  • Eternal Nightly Cruise


A seven planet system lit by a dim red dwarf star. The nearest planet orbits the star roughly every 9 standard days. Midnight’s days last for about 17 days or twice a “year”. Thanks to an eccentric orbit, temperatures swing wildly from freezing to tropical.

At aphelion, the oceans begin to freeze up except near one of the numerous volcanic peaks while at perihelion, they melt away and those who live on the surface must make their way to the poles. Storms that brew here are as powerful as they are short lived. Tides are tremendous making much of the land uninhabitable (tides can rise as high as 862 meters).

Native life never really got a start on land. Genetically modified creatures have been established in the highlands of the few continents among temperature tolerant conifer forests in the upper latitudes. In the oceans, native species still predominate but are slowly being replaced with invasive and genetically engineered species. All life must be able to cope with rapid temperature changes include being partially frozen, unless they live among the deep sea vents that populate this volcanic and tumultuous planet.

Temperature ranges from 23 C to -17 C averaging in the single digits. There is 80% ocean coverage with wide swaths of the planet submerged for days on end. Most life is capable of movement or floats freely. A dim red sun floats in the sky for ages easily 10x times the size of the sun (1.6 degrees). Surface gravity is close to earths.

The citizens live on floating palaces like cruise liners that provide them with everything they need.


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