CEO Atsu Samsung-Exogenisis

Sinister Suit



  • CEO of Bioroid Liberation Nonprofit
  • Just a Copy
  • Army of Biological Androids
  • Always Selling Something
  • Thinking Two Steps Ahead
  • Intimidated by the Federation

Once leader of the renegade Samsung-Exogenisis corporation, Samsung commanded their vast resources both physical and technological. A digital copy of the original CEO’s mind, he is really an AI running in a bioroid body.

He was thwarted in his efforts to control security at the Hub and bought Steve’s bluff about the Federations interest. This made him only more dangerous however. Defeated by the Federation at his base of operations, New Earth, he was hacked and had his personality rewritten.

Now an advocate of bioroid freedom he has closed his factories and focused work on expanding equality.

CEO Atsu Samsung-Exogenisis

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