Captain G. W. Teregan

Captain of the Columbia



  • Veteran Spacer from Old Earth
  • By the Book
  • A Trinket from Every Port
  • Haunted by Flames


  • Rapport +4
  • Combat Training +3
  • EVA +2
  • Pilot +1


  • Zero G Acrobatics: use EVA instead of Athletics in zero G.

A career star ship officer, Teregan (G.W. to her friends) is originally from Earth but left over 30 years ago to see space. A skilled commander and veteran of many skirmishes with separatists and pirates, she fought to be part of the new wave of expansion and exploration.

The crew know of her predilection for collecting trinkets at every port of call, especially items from Old Earth. She is slowly rebuilding her collection.

She was not happy about the Federation’s decision to stock the FSV Columbia with illegal black hole bombs.

Captain G. W. Teregan

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