Space Gypsies

Wanderers across the empty regions of space, Space Gypsies are a nomadic culture who subsist by mining asteroids and comets. They are one of the few cultures in the Federation that have maintained a separate identity, perhaps helped by their general remoteness and their adaptions to zero G environments.

They refer to themselves as Gypsy Angels or Tennin. They have a reputation as pirates and thieves as well as a degenerate subculture.


Space Gypsies universally belong to the genetic variant known as Tennin (a reference to Buddhist angels). They are tall and willowy with genes to ensure they do not suffer degenerative bone damage from a life time in deep space. They also have improved genetic repair mechanisms to deal with ambient cosmic radiation. They also have prehensile toes for better gripping and navigation within zero G environments.

Technologically, the Space Gypsy is comparative with the Federation but with much lower resources. They make use of neural interfaces to allows them to relay messages silently even in vacuum and favor laser weapons.


Space Gypsy’s use a mixture of Mandarin and English. They speak either sufficiently well to communicate with most inhabitants of the Federation.

Space Gypsies

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