Hub System

With four viable jump points, Hub sits at the crossroads of local space. Trade between the Space Gypsies on the edge of Federation space, the bioengineers of Midnight, the colony of Henry Wu, and the worlds of the Ascension all pass through this system.

And the Hub gets a cut.


The station itself resembles a bramble of interconnected space stations, decommissioned ships, and recycled industrial materials. An intricate network of cylinders, cubes, and spheres make up most of the flimsy structure with one end dominated by an incomplete 700 meter sphere. The sphere contains a primitive artificial gravity generator which supplies a local field for most of the station.

Inside the patchwork nature continues with sections of the station using different computer interfaces, variant atmospheric compositions, and different access protocols.


The Hub is run by oligarchs who control trade and access to the station:


  • Modular Hodge Podge
  • The Hub Gets a Cut
  • Under Federation Protection

Hub System

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