FSV Columbia

One of the Federation’s finest space vessels, the Federation Star Vessel Columbia is named for the once great nation of America. Commissioned in 2430, it is now on a 2 year mission to explore the Ceti slipknot system and establish relations with the colonies that have settled there.


This 100 meter long craft is heavily armored in advanced nanocomposites. Heavily armed with several batteries of Gigajoule lasers, it also carries a complement of nuclear armed autonomous missiles. It sports an impressive electronic surveillance array for both combat and scientific needs. Power supplied by an enhanced gravity fusion engine which has a 50 year energy supply.

It carry a half dozen unarmed shuttle craft as well as a pair of long range fighter/scouts.


  • State of the Art
  • Armed to the Teeth


In addition to the command crew, the Columbia carries a complement of 60 individuals.


Level Contents Tags
30 Bridge
29 Storage/Growroom Alien Food
28 Captain’s Quarters/Steve’s Office Newly Built
27 Black Hole Bombs Hidden Access
26 Rec Room
23-25 Crew Quarters
22 Med Bay/Xenobiology Lab
21 Hanger Bay #3
20 Server Room
19 Storage
16-18 O2 Generators/Food Generators
15 Cafeteria
14 Hanger Bay #2
11-13 Crew Quarters
10 Server Room
8-9 Growroom Rain Maker System
7 Hanger Bay #1
6 Storage
1-5 Engine Room

FSV Columbia

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