Mecury Lu

Irate ex-lover of Steve Walmart



  • Gypsy Angel Free Trader
  • Ruled by Emotions


  • EVA +?
  • Combat Training +?
  • Computer +?


  • Neural Interface
  • zero G Acrobatics

The beautiful Mercury Lu is the leader of a small colony of Space Gypsies. She was briefly involved in a romantic relationship with Steve Walmart until he began documenting her copyright violations. Its unclear if she meant to kill him or just scare him. In any case he didn’t stick around to find out.

Apparently she was working for Samsung all along. Recently she brokered some deals in illegal gravity weapons. It didn’t work out and afterwards she returned to her wife Saori Lu and her expedition on the world of the Artifact. It seems that too isn’t working out as she tried to hook up with Steve again.

Mecury Lu

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