Broken Artificial Intelligence

  • High Concept: Fragmented AI
  • Trouble: Hardcoded Ethics
  • Skills: Will +5, Computer +4, Notice +3, Deceive +2, Empathy +1

Lora was meant to be an aide to the crew of the Google. With hardwired rules against harming or allowing harm to the crew, its ethics were supposed to ensure that nothing would go wrong with the expedition. But it was slowly corrupted and broken by Dr. Roux. It locked down the ship and thrown up obstacles to protect others from being exposed to the virus and to keep Ben from taking the Google home.

At the same time it must keep Benjamin alive, even as he threatened the integrity of the vessel. In conversation it tries to be helpful despite its warped broken voice.

Defeated by Max Petrobras, it was copied before the Google was destroyed.


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