Benjamin Roux

Mutated Madman

  • High Concept: Mutated Madman
  • Trouble: Murderously Single Minded
  • Other Aspect: Brilliant and Dangerous
  • Skills: Stealth +5, Deceive +4, Physique +4, Medicine +3, Combat Training +3, Notice +3, Engineering +2, EVA +2
  • Stunts: Slippery Target: he can use Stealth to defend as long as he at least 1 zone away in darkness, Unseen Terror: he can use Stealth to attack from the shadows for first strike

The sole survivor of the original crew, Ben would have succumbed to paranoia and desperation even without the raging virus in his bloodstream. He has been trying to break the ship’s AI for over 30 years hoping to gain access to the propulsion systems. With the ship’s grow room and makeshift mushroom farms, he’s managed to get by.

Meanwhile the virus ravages his mind and body. It won’t kill him but those without his genetic code will be liquefied by the disease.

Benjamin Roux

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