To Boldly Go

New Earth, Part III

The first wave of PR campaigns begins with Samsung seeding rumors that the Federation is looking to control local copyright. While the First Contact Team counters this PR, they also begin to gather grassroots support for Bioroid rights. The Hite corporation advertises that Samsung’s products are defective chipping at the company’s armor.

Max Petrobras meanwhile focuses his time on hacking the digital copy of Samsung for weaknesses. He discovers the executive, while possessing incredible social skills, lacks more than a cursory grounding in scientific endeavors. Steve Walmart decides a debate is how they will trick him into downloading a virus that will then subvert his programming.

Steve accompanies Rochelle “Rho” Total to the meeting for the Bioroid Liberation Movement. Amid the enormous crowd they find Echo who leads them to Sand. Rho slips away while Steve chats with the civil rights leader. Sand tries to confirm the businessman supports the cause while Steve remains unimpressed with him in general. Steve lies and says he supports the movement and suggests the Federation crew begin wearing the movements symbol. Echo clues in that Steve is only using the movement for his own ends but keeps quiet for now.

Rho meanwhile finds Sea pumping up his fellow revolutionaries. She befriends Jordan, one of his followers, learning that Sea is pushing for the movement to seize the armory. She isn’t able to determine what he is really up to. Steve soon joins her though and quickly determines Sea is too polished. He is a traitor. He calls Max and has her check Sea’s records confirming that he is a plant by Samsung.

Steve challenges the revolutionary’s arguments. Sea responds by claiming Steve isn’t really here to help. Before Sea can ruin Steve’s standing with the movement, Steve reveals the truth. His allies turn on him and only Sand keeps him from being roughed up right there. Instead he is ejected from the organization. Rho talks to Jordan and convinces him to keep an eye on him.

The following week sees a viscous attack on the Hite Corporation and ICP by Samsung. It paints them feeble firms, licensing old products and generally useless. Their stocks and sales plummet. The Federation moves to the offensive using the fact that Samsung was the source of those old licenses. They also move public opinion, swaying the citizens slightly toward supporting bioroid freedom. The crippled Hite Corporation motivates the bioroids with a memetic campaign designed to make them more aggressive. The Bioroid Liberation Movement makes its own move, motivating the bioroid population to organize and agitate for freedom.

Echo meanwhile works on Steve, using her charms to bring him around to truly supporting the cause of bioroid freedom. Max digs deeper into Samsung’s mind, breaking down the neural pathways of the copy and engineering a virus to change him into a supporter of the bioroid cause. As he discovers mental weak points, he also fends off a hacking attempt by Samsung. Its unclear what he was after but it involved exterior systems.

The week leading up to the debate, sees Samsung and the Federation working to convince the smaller corporations to take a side on bioroid rights. The net effect is no movement. The the Bioroid Liberation Movement however convinces the citizens of New Earth to join them on the road to equality. The ICP is caught attempting to sabotage one of Samsung’s factories.

Max finishes hacking Samsung’s mind and seeds a virus in his database so that when he gets ready for the debate he will be brainwashed into supporting the Bioroid Liberation Movement and become its new leader.

As this goes on, the bioroid soldier they captured makes a daring escape. Rho is quickly alerted and informs the others allowing Max to pinpoint and lock him out of their systems. Trapped in the server room, Rho manages to defeat him handily. She ties him up well and throws him back in the brig.

As the debate approaches Steve couches Max on his speech. After a late night of research Max feels ready.

Steve and Samsung arrange the debate to be held in a large amphitheater. Rho scouts the sight lines and stations security at key locations. As Max finishing giving a highly articulate and convincing argument, she spots a figure atop the rafters. She fires and a figure wrestles with the gunman. It turns out it is Sea and Jordan, and the genuine revolutionary tosses the plant to his doom.

Samsung finishes download his skill set and finds his mind rewritten by the virus. He comes out on television as a bioroid himself and shuts down his factories to support bioroid rights. Then Steve takes the stage and announces that the Federation will dissolve the Hite Corporation and ICP for their ineptness and negligence. New Earth will become a Federation territory.


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