It has been two centuries since the Exodus and humanity has finally rebuilt from the terrible Final War. A new government, the Federation, ensures peace for the Sol system by bringing the corporations under one government. Now it is sending out ships to the long lost colonies to reconnect with the wayward branches of humanity and bring them into the Federation. Along the way they will explore new worlds and new civilizations.

While much of the technology obeys current physical laws, discoveries about the nature of gravity have allowed humanity to develop technology that manipulates gravitons to accelerate ships without reaction mass, create artificial gravity, and produce temporary wormholes at special points within a solar system that allow instantaneous access to distant stars.

The Federation is very cautious about the effects of the more mundane but revolutionary technologies like AI, radical genetic engineering, neural implants, and other technologies that might change humanity fundamentally. The colonies that they encounter however have not shrunk away from their use.


  • Exploration: there are strange worlds to find, (non-intelligent) alien life, and millions of humans (and their uplifted animals, AIs, and bioengineered drones) to meet.
  • Diplomacy: the Federation is trying to make friends and must navigate the strange societies that have developed over the past two centuries.

Mood: Culture shock.

The culture of the Federation has long repressed many technologies that would greatly alter the human experience. The colonies have not. Thus they have developed strange alien civilizations based on human level AI, extreme genetic engineering, mind emulation, nanotechnology, and similar technologies.


The campaign focuses on exploration, scientific investigation, and interstellar diplomacy. Combat will be rare.

To Boldly Go

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